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Compression Socks; Do They Really Work for Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects one when their plantar fascia is strained. The plantar fascia anchors your foot, and any harm to the region would cause this type of heel pain called plantar fascia. Often, the condition is prevalent among people who are on their feet a lot like athletes and soldiers. One of the effective ways of reducing pain is to use compression plantar fasciitis sleeves. Let’s find out what compression socks are and how they aid the foot in overcoming heel pain.

Compression Socks and Their Role in Healing Plantar Fasciitis

You have probably seen athletes with compression socks or sleeves on and wondered, “Do these really work?” The answer to your question is – yes they do. Compression socks provide graduated compression which simply means that they offer tighter compression at the foot and ankle, and looser compression at the calves and lower leg. This type of compression helps fight the effect of gravity on the foot while allowing the deoxygenated blood to return to the heart.

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To fully understand the benefits of compression socks, we will conduct a small biology lesson you may have forgotten. Blood flows in the body using veins and arteries. It is pumped in the heart then oxygenated blood leaves the body in arteries and returns while deoxygenated in veins. It is important that the body keeps oxygenated blood flowing to the muscles. Besides muscle fatigue that contributes to plantar fasciitis, lactic acid produced as a waste product during exercise may cause soreness. Muscle vibrations during exercise further cause fatigue as the movement continues.

Now that you fully understand how the body works during physical activity let us look at the role of compression socks. Compression socks prevent excess vibrations thus reducing fatigue. Under consistent compression, the walls of arteries dilate thus increasing the blood flow in them. This allows increased blood flow, quicker recovery, and reduced muscle soreness.

Our Verdict on the Use of Compression Socks

You can wear the socks during the day or activity time to heal faster as compression socks do not cure any condition. Also, improve your performance by wearing the sleeves. Whether you are trying to get an edge on the competition or speeding up a recovery, compression socks can help.