The Delicate Balance That is Men’s Grooming

Most men struggle trying to find the fine line when it come’s to grooming somewhere between looking like a scruffy caveman, and high school freshman. Although in you should try your best to stay within these two extremes, remember that men’s grooming is a lot about preference. First you should try  body hair groomer comparison then you can choose yours.

The Chest

Mens Grooming IdeaThese days you see a lot of actors and models with some sort a facial and body hair, so it’s probably best that you don’t completely shave or wax your chest. It is best to use a pair of clippers with the length that you like, and use them all the way down your torso. If you use clippers that give a bit of a closer trim, try to leave a little hair just in case. Like always, remember to balance, if you want to trim a bit for the beaches during the summer, make sure you don’t completely buzz your chest.

The Back

Almost anyone you talk to would agree, back hair is never attractive. Since it is impossible to shave back there on your own, it’s best to have your significant other help you, or even better, set up a waxing appointment.


It’s best to leave your armpits alone, but make sure to trim it if you have hair poking out of short sleeves. If you regularly wear tank tops make sure to trim a little more, the best way to do this is to use a clipper with a long attachment. Read Norelco body groomer specs to get specific information where others don’t provide any.


If you are looking to show off your muscles, it’s best for your biceps and shoulders to be completely bare, it’s okay to leave a little hair on your fore arms as long as you ensure there are no hard lines.


This is the easiest rule to follow in men’s grooming, so I’ll keep this one short, never, ever shave your legs, and you should only do a little buzz if you are particularly hairy.